List of 5 best health insurance companies in India (2021)

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India houses over two dozen health insurance companies offering several types of policies. Most of these companies are private, while only a few are under the government sector. With the ever-changing consumer demands and regular lifestyle modifications, insurers are leaving no stone unturned in serving the best health policies. From comprehensive plans to the regular ones, there is something in store for every age group. Out of all the companies, a few companies have managed to stand out in terms of their services and benefits.

Top 5 Health Insurance Companies In India

Affordable monthly premiums, the maximum number of coverages, range of network hospitals, additional benefits and a responsive customer service team are a few of the factors that determine the best health insurance company in India. To understand the plan coverages and policies in detail, click here to read more.

HDFC ERGO General Health Insurance Company

HDFC ERGO is one of the largest and most widely-spread health insurance companies in India. It has branches across 91 cities in the country. Known for its invariable customer service and customisable health insurance policies, it ranks top in India. 5% no-claim bonus, coverage for pre-existing health conditions, cashless claim facility, etc. are some of its USPs (Unit Selling Points). HDFC Ergo my: Health Medisure Classic Insurance, Health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance and HDFC Suraksha Gold are the top-selling plans of this company.

Bajaj Allianz General Health Insurance Company

Bajaj Allianz is on this list for its limited yet well-balanced health insurance plans. It is the best health insurance company in India also for its commendable ICR (Incurred Claim Ratio) of 85%. Each plan is designed exclusively keeping the needs of individuals, families and senior citizens in restraint. The company has around 6500 hospitals in its network with the cashless claim facility. Silver Health Plan, Critical illness for women, Health Guard Plan, and Extra care plus are the most popular plans offered by the insurer.

Care Health Insurance Company

This health insurance company was previously known as Religare. It has made it to the list of the best health insurance company in India in a short period. The company has set a benchmark for other insurance firms by possessing 93% ICR in 2018-19. From annual cardiac check-ups to coverage for pre-existing diseases, this insurer offers every essential benefit to the customers.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company

Star Health Insurance Company has also made a mark by offering distinct courses that provide cover for HIV+ and diabetes patients as well. It has over 9800 hospitals in the network that provide cashless claims within 24 hours. With a lifetime renewability option and comprehensive healthcare plans, the insurer serves as the best health insurance company in India. Family Health Optima, Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy and Senior citizens red carpet health insurance policy are the topmost policies of the company.

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company

Aditya Birla has gained a strong market hold, reputation and customer base within a few years on accounts of its comprehensive and affordable plans. What makes it stand out of its contemporaries is the access it offers to over 800 fitness centres in the country. The insured can also avail discounts on medicines is the 2300 authorised pharmacies. From Ayush treatment cover to cashless treatment in 5850 network hospitals, one can gain access to all the exciting benefits.

The plans and benefits of all these companies are prevalent in almost every city of India and known as the best health insurance company in India. The premiums are affordable, and customer services are also satisfactory as per reviews. With thousands of people realising the need for a health insurance plan after the pandemic, these health insurers have risen to success in 2021!