Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: How to find insurance for over 60 yrs

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Travel has no age limit. Both young and old alike enjoy travelling. While for young travelers travelling is an adventure, people in the older ages find travelling, relaxing for their mind, body and soul. When it comes to travelling one cannot forget a travel insurance plan. The plan provides a comprehensive scope of coverage against possible contingencies faced when travelling. As such, a travel insurance plan is useful. But, what if you are a senior citizen? Can you avail a travel insurance plan?

Yes, you can. Though normal travel insurance plans limit the entry age to 60 years or 65 years, there are specially designed senior citizen plans which are available for senior citizens above 60 years of age. Do you know how to find such travel insurance plans? Let’s find out:

  • Go online

The best place to find a senior citizen plan is the online marketplace. Online web aggregators and brokers list all the senior citizen travel insurance plans on their platform. You can get quotes from all insurance companies which offer a senior citizen travel insurance plan. Coverfox is an online broker which has a list of available senior citizen travel insurance plans on its website. You can enter your travel details and easily find an ideal plan which meets your requirements.

  • Compare the coverage features

While the online marketplace lists all the available plans, you can find the best senior citizen travel insurance plan only after you compare. You should compare the available coverage options. Some common coverage features in the plan include the following:

  • Any medical emergency faced when travelling abroad
  • Medical evacuation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Any accidental injury suffered when travelling
  • Accidental death faced while travelling as a passenger in a common carrier
  • Loss or delay of baggage or loss of passport
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip delay
  • Compensation payable to a third party for any bodily injury caused to them
  • Dental treatments availed due to accidental injury
  • Emergency cash allowance in case of a crisis, etc.

Some policies also cover your home against burglary when you are travelling. The exact coverage features differ across plans and so you should compare and choose a plan with the most comprehensive coverage benefits.

  • Pay attention to limiting conditions

Since a senior citizen travel insurance plan covers older individuals, there are some restrictions on the coverage allowed. Before buying a plan, you should consider these limiting conditions. Look out for the following points:

  • The available Sum Insured – senior citizen travel insurance plans have limits on the Sum Insured available. Coverage is, usually, available for $100, 000. However, there are some plans, which also offer higher Sum Insured levels, but these plans have a high premium rate.
  • Pre-acceptance medical tests – insurance companies might insist on you undergoing a pre-entrance medical check-up before the policy is issued. This check-up is meant to determine your health conditions when you are applying for the policy.
  • Conditions for covering pre-existing illnesses – pre-existing illnesses are, usually, excluded from most travel insurance plans. However, senior citizen travel insurance plans might allow cover for pre-existing ailments in life-threatening situations. If you already suffer from any existing ailment, look at the coverage for pre-existing illnesses in the plans you compare.
  • Plan exclusions – some instances are excluded from the plan coverage and you should find out these exclusions before buying the plan.
  • Compare the premium rates

The last step to find and buy a senior citizen travel insurance plan is to compare the premium charged by the plan against the coverage granted. While comparing the premiums don’t forget to compare the coverage too. Make a rational judgement based on the coverage vis-à-vis the premium. If the plan has an exhaustive list of coverage, a slightly higher premium would not be a bad deal.

Buying a senior citizen travel insurance plan is not difficult if you know how. The above-mentioned points guide you through the process of buying the best senior citizen travel insurance plan to insure your trip. Follow the steps and buy the best policy.