Protection Measures of High-Security Checks

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The type of payment that scammers target the most is checks. Check fraud is the leading cause of financial loss. Fraudsters modify checks in a variety of ways in an effort to rob people of their hard-earned money. It is simpler than ever for fraudsters to print a fake check with sophisticated copy machines that can generate highly original-looking copies. High security personal checks are specifically designed with multiple security features to fight against fraud.

What is a High-Security Check?

While standard checks have few basic security features, High-Security checks have advanced security designs to prevent scam attacks. Some of these features are-

  • Watermarks- The designs are one-of-a-kind to make copying nearly impossible.
  • Chemically reactive check stock paper- It changes colors if the check has been chemically modified to remove certain information.
  • Use of invisible and visible fibers- these checks can be checked for authenticity by exposing them to UV light.
  • Identification holograms

Security Features Discussed in Detail

With advanced technology, fraudsters are getting smarter. To stay one step ahead of their malicious activities, high-security checks are designed with the following features-

Complex color patterns and high-resolution borders

Fraudsters try to replicate a genuine check to scam people. High-resolution borders and intricate color patterns on High-Security checks make them far more difficult to fabricate.

Brand-new anti-copying technology

Technology has the power to make things either too simple or more challenging. High-Security checks have anti-copy technology, which makes it more difficult for fraudsters to copy them using standard copiers.

Foil hologram

A safety hologram increases the security of the checks. The high security personal checks have a foil hologram which includes locked-in security encryption, making them very difficult to duplicate. Each check is hot-stamped with a multi-dimensional seal with inbuilt security features.

True watermark

People add watermarks to contracts and paperwork. It’s also important to include them on the checks. Watermarks pressed into paper can be seen by bringing the check close to a light source. Special watermarks cannot be replicated by copiers or scanners.

Heat detection

When it comes to checking security, the temperature can be an incredibly useful tool. High-security checks come with thermochromic ink that changes color in response to heat. This makes the identification of a real check easy. The ink becomes lighter in contact with high temperatures. Reproduced checks will not have this feature. Moreover, these checks have a toner adhesion technology that uses heat to attach the toner to the check.


In the modern business world, everything has gone digital, but using paper checks still exists. In fact, for multi-billion dollar companies, checks are the ideal way to conduct transactions. Check fraud is damaging not only to a business but also to personal finances. People not into technicalities often get trapped in the net of fraudsters. Knowing the basic security features not only helps them avoid such scams but having high-security checks also helps them avoid any future hassles. Both professionals and companies must switch to high security personal checks to protect their money.