How to cancel a stolen credit card

stolen credit card

At some point in our lives we have been victims of someone stealing our credit cards and even those who have been lucky enough to not suffer the panic of being assaulted by criminals, let me tell you that it is just as important for you to know that you have to do at the time of the theft of a credit card, especially when you are out of the country, but even if you are just a few blocks from home.

What do you do when someone steals your credit card?

The first thing you have to do is keep calm, we know that in such a situation it is impossible to be calm, but we need to act intelligently and enter immediately to the official web page of the Bank FNBNorcal and put you in touch with the customer service staff and give the order to do the immediate blocking of the credit card. In the event that you don’t have access to the internet to make the report of the lost or stolen card in the span of 24 hours, then you can make use of the phone numbers corresponding to our bank and call us.

It is important that the customers to keep the numbers of customer service staff that serve in the hours of operation, and the numbers of customer service numbers that serve outside of normal hours, annotated in an agenda because it can happen that in the heist also have been carried out the cell and how to communicate in that moment with our bank. This way you can have full control access to your card, even if you do not have it in your power.

Once you have passed the estimated time, you can request that they send you a new card to the place where you are and enable it via our web site It is important to remind customers that once they have been robbed of their credit card, they must also report the theft to the nearest police station, because many times with blocking the card lost or stolen is not enough, because the criminals will also have access to your ID and insurance card, with this information could do many things, such as:

  • Access your bank accounts over the internet.
  • To access confidential information and financial assistance through the various web sites of the bank of your choice, etc.