How I saved my vacation by buying the right travel insurance?

travel insurance

I often ignored a travel insurance plan whenever I travelled. Since I never faced any contingency, this time too, I was giving a travel insurance plan a miss when my wife urged me to invest in one. She said that contingencies were uncertain and might strike anytime. It was better to be prepared in advance. Her argument hit a nerve and I searched for the right travel insurance plan for our upcoming trip to Singapore. As it turned out, my wife was right. This time luck was not so favorable for us and we suffered a contingency during our trip. Thankfully, I had a travel insurance plan which saved my trip. Want to know how?

We were enjoying our vacation when my son, aged 7 years, fell down from the stairs and fractured his leg. Alarmed, we rushed him to the hospital for treatment. Since we were in the foreign country, the treatment costs were quite considerable. However, I had nothing to worry about as my travel insurance plan came to my rescue. The hospital bills were paid for by the plan and, other than 2 interrupted days, we completed our vacation without any complications and returned home relaxed and happy.

All I did was buy the right travel insurance plan. Do you know how I selected the right plan? Here’s is what I did:

• I compared the plans thoroughly before buying

When I searched for the available travel insurance plans, I was surprised to find that there were many. That is why, I compared all the available plans, chose the coverage features which I required, compared the premium rates and then bought a plan after careful consideration. To compare the available plans, I went online. The online marketplace helped me compare the plans easily and that too from the comfort of my home.

• I entered the correct trip details

To buy a travel insurance plan, the insurance company required my travel details. I entered all the cities I was travelling too, my trip start and end date, trip duration and the members travelling with me. By providing the correct travel details I ensured that my trip is covered for the entire duration and the coverage is available where I am visiting.

• I ensured all my family members were covered

I, my wife and our two kids were travelling. I ensured that I covered my entire family under a travel insurance plan. I did not leave out any family member. That is why when my son suffered a fracture I had no trouble getting a claim.
This is how my trip was saved. A travel insurance plan is a necessity when you are travelling. It not only covers any medical expenses faced when travelling, but also has other coverage features, which provide a comprehensive coverage. Some important coverage features in a travel insurance plan include the following:
• Expenses incurred in case of loss or delay of baggage

• Trip cancellation, which covers all expenses incurred in booking a trip which is later cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances

• Loss of passport

• Expenses incurred in case of flight delay

• Cover for personal accident when travelling in a common carrier

• Cover in case of hijack, etc.

• Financial assistance in case of any emergency faced while travelling, etc.
Moreover, there were other additional coverage features which could be added to the plan for a more comprehensive scope of cover. One such add-on was a cover for pre-existing illness which I took to cover my wife’s asthma. Compared to the extensive coverage provided, the premiums were low and affordable.

A travel insurance plan saved my vacation. If you too want to safeguard your trip against unforeseen emergencies, invest in a travel insurance plan today. When buying the plan don’t forget to compare. Go online, compare the available plans, select your coverage and the premium rates and then buy a plan. Coverfox is one online platform which allows you to compare travel insurance plans before you buy. You also get assistance to buy the plan and also at the time of claim. So, try Coverfox and buy a family travel insurance plan every time you travel.