Did you Check? Different Types of Travel Insurance Coverages in India

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance coverage is essential whether you are travelling in India or abroad. Having a travel insurance policy by your side is exceptionally beneficial irrespective of whether the trip is for business, pleasure, or medical purposes.

Such insurance policies cover all the typical incidents and accidents that you might come across while travelling at an unknown place. These schemes can get you out of any trouble and go as far as possible to help you out of such tough situations.

You only have to make sure to choose the right travel insurance policy that suits your travel needs.

Some of the different types of such policies available include:

  1. Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

A domestic travel insurance policy is ideal when you are travelling within the country. These policies are usually short-term stretching up to a year.

Some of the features of these plans include:

  • Credit card and debit card blocking – Make a single call to block all your credit and debit cards from anywhere in the world.
  • Free PAN replacement – Covers the cost to avail a replacement PAN in case you have lost it during your trip.
  • Bounced hotel bookings – Reimburses with the loss caused due to cancellation of hotel bookings.
  • Personal accident coverage – Provides coverage for treating personal accidents.
  • Trip cancellations – Keeps you covered when you have to cancel the trip.
  • Financial assistance – Provides financial assistance to book hotels and flight tickets for return trips when you are stranded.
  • Baggage loss – Protects you in situations when your baggage goes missing.
  • Home burglary – Stay worry-free during your trip as the policy will cover damages and loss of items caused due to home burglary when you are away.

Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance products like domestic holiday cover comes with all of the features mentioned above. The policy remains valid for a year against a one-time fee of Rs. 699.

  1. Medical travel insurance

Medical travel insurance plans cover all the expenses that you have to undergo when you fall ill while on a trip.

Covers included in these plans are:

  • Accidental death
  • Emergency hospitalisation
  • Dismemberment
  • Personal accidents

Some medical insurance plans also cover pre-existing diseases only after the completion of 2 years of policy term.

  1. Road trip insurance policies

Road trip insurance schemes, as the name suggests, protects you during road trips. Some of the features of a travel insurance policy in India include:

  • Roadside assistance – Get 24×7 roadside assistance in case your car breaks down.
  • Free fuel – Avail 5 litres of free fuel for your car and 2 litres for your bike.
  • Accidents – Stay covered against financial losses when you come across any accidents during your journey.
  • Financial assistance – Receive financial support to book a hotel and return travel tickets when you are stranded on your road trip.
  • Card blocking services – Block your credit and debit cards by placing only a single call.

The road trip cover offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance category is something you may check out.

  1. Baggage insurance

A baggage insurance policy insures only your luggage in case of theft, misplacement, or damage. Every item in your baggage including cash and gold are covered under this scheme. Do note that insurance providers will reimburse only the current market value of the item when you make a claim.

  1. Home protection insurance schemes

Insurance providers offer home protection covers that keep you covered against burglaries that might happen when you are away. These policies keep you protected in case of damage and theft of your apparel, furniture, audio devices, electronic goods, cheque, cash, etc.

Home protection insurance plan is an effective Pocket Insurance scheme from Bajaj Finserv which provides you coverage of up to Rs. 5 Lakh.

Make sure to choose the travel insurance coverage correctly and compare the features based on your needs before you apply for one. Also, read the terms and conditions carefully before applying.