How I saved my vacation by buying the right travel insurance?

I often ignored a travel insurance plan whenever I travelled. Since I never faced any contingency, this time too, I was giving a travel insurance plan a miss when my wife urged me to invest in one. She said that contingencies were uncertain and might strike anytime. It was better to be prepared in advance. Her argument hit a nerve and I searched for the right travel insurance plan for our upcoming trip to Singapore. As it turned out, my wife was right. This time luck was not so favorable for us and we suffered a contingency during our trip. Thankfully, I had a travel insurance plan which saved my trip. Want to know how?

We were enjoying our vacation when my son, aged 7 years, fell down from the stairs and fractured his leg. Alarmed, we rushed him to the hospital for treatment. Since we were in the foreign country, the treatment costs were quite considerable. However, I had nothing to worry about as my travel insurance plan came to my rescue. The hospital bills were paid for by the plan and, other than 2 interrupted days, we completed our vacation without any complications and returned home relaxed and happy.

All I did was buy the right travel insurance plan. Do you know how I selected the right plan? Here’s is what I did:

• I compared the plans thoroughly before buying

When I searched for the available travel insurance plans, I was surprised to find that there were many. That is why, I compared all the available plans, chose the coverage features which I required, compared the premium rates and then bought a plan after careful consideration. To compare the available plans, I went online. The online marketplace helped me compare the plans easily and that too from the comfort of my home.

• I entered the correct trip details

To buy a travel insurance plan, the insurance company required my travel details. I entered all the cities I was travelling too, my trip start and end date, trip duration and the members travelling with me. By providing the correct travel details I ensured that my trip is covered for the entire duration and the coverage is available where I am visiting.

• I ensured all my family members were covered

I, my wife and our two kids were travelling. I ensured that I covered my entire family under a travel insurance plan. I did not leave out any family member. That is why when my son suffered a fracture I had no trouble getting a claim.
This is how my trip was saved. A travel insurance plan is a necessity when you are travelling. It not only covers any medical expenses faced when travelling, but also has other coverage features, which provide a comprehensive coverage. Some important coverage features in a travel insurance plan include the following:
• Expenses incurred in case of loss or delay of baggage

• Trip cancellation, which covers all expenses incurred in booking a trip which is later cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances

• Loss of passport

• Expenses incurred in case of flight delay

• Cover for personal accident when travelling in a common carrier

• Cover in case of hijack, etc.

• Financial assistance in case of any emergency faced while travelling, etc.
Moreover, there were other additional coverage features which could be added to the plan for a more comprehensive scope of cover. One such add-on was a cover for pre-existing illness which I took to cover my wife’s asthma. Compared to the extensive coverage provided, the premiums were low and affordable.

A travel insurance plan saved my vacation. If you too want to safeguard your trip against unforeseen emergencies, invest in a travel insurance plan today. When buying the plan don’t forget to compare. Go online, compare the available plans, select your coverage and the premium rates and then buy a plan. Coverfox is one online platform which allows you to compare travel insurance plans before you buy. You also get assistance to buy the plan and also at the time of claim. So, try Coverfox and buy a family travel insurance plan every time you travel.

Grounds on which insurance company can reject your car insurance policy claim

Your car is one of your priced possessions that you invest your hard-earned money in. After all the real estate and other financial investments, your car is your single biggest asset that you strive hard to take care of. Over the time, this 4 set of wheels becomes your second home, which like family requires your proper care and attention. Hence, insuring it from any kind of damage is of utmost importance.

However, your responsibility doesn’t end thinking that you’ve got a car insurance policy which will insure your vehicle from accidents, collisions, damage from natural calamities, theft, and third party claims. In fact, you need to be responsible after buying that too, as it can lead to rejection of claims.

What if you come to know today that in spite of having a valid car insurance policy, your car company won’t pay for the damages caused due to an accident? What if they have denied your application only become of your own negligence? Disturbing, right? Yes, we relate to your pain.

So to save you from the horror of car insurance claim rejection, here we help you understand the grounds on which your claims can be rejected.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs:

If your insurance company finds out that you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, then it has the right to reject your claim straight away. You cannot negotiate in this regard and no court will hear you. Also, and a tough criminal action can be initiated against you.

Driving without a valid license:

The insurance company is liable to reject your claim if you or the person driving the care does not have a valid driving license. Hence, it’s important to be wary not just about the renewal of the policy, but also about the renewal date of the license too. Also, ensure that you don’t allow any person without a valid driving license to drive your car.

Using private vehicle for a commercial purpose:

If you are using your private vehicle for commercial purpose i.e. as a passenger vehicle or a goods carrier vehicle, then the insurance company has the right to reject your claim.

Installing CNG/LPG kit without informing:

Your insurance company would sure appreciate your step of installing CNG/LPG kit as your step towards protecting the environment. But doing so, without informing them would welcome claim rejection as the installation of these kits requires an additional premium.

Not transferring your name in your insurance policy copy after purchasing a used car:

Call it your negligence or forgetfulness, but not getting the car insurance policy transferred on your name  will give the power to the insurance company to discrete your claim. While buying a used car, always remember to transfer your name on the policy papers as the policy will belong to the previous car owner only.

Failure to prevent theft:

Your car is your own property and if the insurance company finds out that your negligence has led to the theft of the vehicle, then they can reject your claim. Hence, the insured should always take all the reasonable steps to prevent the car from any damage or theft.

Consequential loss:

In simple words, a consequential loss is a type of damage arising out of a certain action taken by the policyholder. If your car enters a water-logged area and you damage it while continuing to drive it, then this won’t be covered by the insurance company. Though this could be an unintentional act, a mistake or an emergency, but the insurance company won’t be liable to entire your claim for such situations.

Getting the repairs done before informing the insurer:

Now we understand that you might not call your insurance company while you are in an emergency situation and would get your car repaired on your own. But your insurance company won’t allow you to do this as they would want you to first inform them about it. This is because they can send their authorised personnel to repair your car. But, if first, you get your car repaired and then you call them, then be ready for your claim to be rejected as the insurer won’t be able to trace the accident and repair.

Informing the insurer too late about the damage:

Your insurance company doesn’t tell you to call them in the next 2 minutes of the accident. But they have a limited timeframe of 48-72 hours under which you need to inform them about the accident or any other damages caused.

Damages caused due to mechanical or electrical breakdown:

If your vehicle is damaged due to some electrical or mechanical breakdown and not due to some external impact, then the insurance company has the right to reject your claim.

We know that you buy a car insurance to financially protect yourself and your car. But there may be circumstances under which your claims can be rejected. So always keep in mind about the above-mentioned grounds to ensure a swift and hassle-free claim process.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: How to find insurance for over 60 yrs

Travel has no age limit. Both young and old alike enjoy travelling. While for young travelers travelling is an adventure, people in the older ages find travelling, relaxing for their mind, body and soul. When it comes to travelling one cannot forget a travel insurance plan. The plan provides a comprehensive scope of coverage against possible contingencies faced when travelling. As such, a travel insurance plan is useful. But, what if you are a senior citizen? Can you avail a travel insurance plan?

Yes, you can. Though normal travel insurance plans limit the entry age to 60 years or 65 years, there are specially designed senior citizen plans which are available for senior citizens above 60 years of age. Do you know how to find such travel insurance plans? Let’s find out:

  • Go online

The best place to find a senior citizen plan is the online marketplace. Online web aggregators and brokers list all the senior citizen travel insurance plans on their platform. You can get quotes from all insurance companies which offer a senior citizen travel insurance plan. Coverfox is an online broker which has a list of available senior citizen travel insurance plans on its website. You can enter your travel details and easily find an ideal plan which meets your requirements.

  • Compare the coverage features

While the online marketplace lists all the available plans, you can find the best senior citizen travel insurance plan only after you compare. You should compare the available coverage options. Some common coverage features in the plan include the following:

  • Any medical emergency faced when travelling abroad
  • Medical evacuation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Any accidental injury suffered when travelling
  • Accidental death faced while travelling as a passenger in a common carrier
  • Loss or delay of baggage or loss of passport
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip delay
  • Compensation payable to a third party for any bodily injury caused to them
  • Dental treatments availed due to accidental injury
  • Emergency cash allowance in case of a crisis, etc.

Some policies also cover your home against burglary when you are travelling. The exact coverage features differ across plans and so you should compare and choose a plan with the most comprehensive coverage benefits.

  • Pay attention to limiting conditions

Since a senior citizen travel insurance plan covers older individuals, there are some restrictions on the coverage allowed. Before buying a plan, you should consider these limiting conditions. Look out for the following points:

  • The available Sum Insured – senior citizen travel insurance plans have limits on the Sum Insured available. Coverage is, usually, available for $100, 000. However, there are some plans, which also offer higher Sum Insured levels, but these plans have a high premium rate.
  • Pre-acceptance medical tests – insurance companies might insist on you undergoing a pre-entrance medical check-up before the policy is issued. This check-up is meant to determine your health conditions when you are applying for the policy.
  • Conditions for covering pre-existing illnesses – pre-existing illnesses are, usually, excluded from most travel insurance plans. However, senior citizen travel insurance plans might allow cover for pre-existing ailments in life-threatening situations. If you already suffer from any existing ailment, look at the coverage for pre-existing illnesses in the plans you compare.
  • Plan exclusions – some instances are excluded from the plan coverage and you should find out these exclusions before buying the plan.
  • Compare the premium rates

The last step to find and buy a senior citizen travel insurance plan is to compare the premium charged by the plan against the coverage granted. While comparing the premiums don’t forget to compare the coverage too. Make a rational judgement based on the coverage vis-à-vis the premium. If the plan has an exhaustive list of coverage, a slightly higher premium would not be a bad deal.

Buying a senior citizen travel insurance plan is not difficult if you know how. The above-mentioned points guide you through the process of buying the best senior citizen travel insurance plan to insure your trip. Follow the steps and buy the best policy.

Things You Can’t Miss Out before Buying a Travel Insurance Plan

Everyone loves to travel and explore different places. Traveling brings peace and joy and gives a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is the reason why you spend countless hours planning the perfect itinerary so that you don’t face unpleasant surprises on your trip. Many of you also buy a travel insurance plan to secure your trip against any financial contingencies. In fact, if you are visiting any Schengen country, you would have to buy a travel insurance policy (it is mandatory you see).

A travel insurance policy is a very good addition to your travel plans. However, you should not buy any travel insurance plan blindly. Ask these questions before you finalize on a travel insurance plan:

What is the coverage offered by the plan?

Though most travel insurance plans offer almost the same coverage, there are some features, which might or might not necessarily be in all the travel insurance plans.

For instance, pre-existing illnesses are usually excluded from a travel insurance policy unless specifically covered. Similarly, compassionate visits, insurance for your home when you are travelling, Golfer’s Hole-in-one, etc. might be available in some plans and excluded in others. So, understand the coverage features of the plan before you buy one.

  • How much Sum Assured should be taken?

Usually, travel insurance plans offer a coverage level ranging from USD 50,000 to USD 5 lakhs. When choosing the Sum Insured for your travel insurance plan, consider your requirements carefully.

If you were travelling alone, a lower Sum Insured would be sufficient. However, if you are travelling with family, you should not be stingy in choosing the coverage level. Go for an optimal level plan to ensure a decent coverage amount for the entire family travelling together.

  • What are the exclusions in the plan?

Though travel insurance plans cover almost all types of financial contingencies when traveling, there are certain situations and their financial implications, which are excluded from the plan.

Some common exclusions include

  • Medical complications arising out of pre-existing illnesses and their treatment costs,
  • Accidents or injury suffered due to alcohol or drug abuse,
  • Participation in adventure sports,
  • Attempted suicide and their related costs, etc.

 You should know these exclusions before you buy the policy.

  • When to buy the travel insurance plan?

It is always advised to buy a travel insurance plan immediately after you plan your trip and make advance bookings. If bought early, a travel insurance policy would compensate you for any financial losses you might face if you cancel the trip due to unavoidable circumstances. This falls under the trip curtailment coverage feature of the plan. Thus, the money lost on advance bookings can be regained by buying a travel insurance policy in advance.

  • Who should be covered under the plan?

Everyone who is travelling should be covered under the travel insurance plan. If you are traveling alone, it’s you. If, however, you are travelling with your family, you should insure each member under the insurance plan.

  • Which plan should be bought?

There are different types of travel insurance plans available in the market. These types include:

  • Individual travel insurance plans – these plans are designed for the single traveler.
  • Family travel insurance plans – these plans are for the entire family traveling together.
  • Senior citizen travel insurance plans – these plans are made specifically for covering senior citizens when they travel. As such, the coverage features of the plan are different from normal travel insurance plans.
  • Student travel insurance plans – these plans are meant for students travelling abroad for higher studies. These plans have unique coverage features suitable for a student traveler.
  • Single trip travel plans – these plans cover a single trip taken
  • Multi-trip annual plans – these plans are suitable for frequent flyers who travel multiple times in a year. Multi-trip plans prove cheaper than single-trip plans for frequent travelers.

So, you should choose the plan as per your travel needs.

  • How to buy the travel insurance policy?

There are various ways to buy a travel insurance policy. However, you should always compare before buying a travel insurance plan. Comparing gives you an opportunity to differentiate between the travel insurance plans available in the market with respect to their coverage, features and the premium charged. You can then choose a plan that meets your requirements with a pocket-friendly rate of premium, if you compare quotes of different insurers before buying a travel insurance plan.

These are the things, which you should know when you set out to insure your trip under a travel insurance plan so remember these points, buy a plan carefully and enjoy your trip.

Tips for Buying a Life Insurance Policy

Buying a life insurance policy can be a daunting task, especially for expats. If you are a native of another country who has decided to settle in Singapore, your options for buying an insurance policy are slightly limited. There are many different companies that currently offer insurance policies. Insurance products have dramatically increased over time, and many companies also offer specialised packages for customers who want to protect themselves. One of the most important insurance products that you will need to buy is a life insurance policy.

A life insurance policy protects a policyholder’s family in case the policyholder dies. If the policyholder is the sole breadwinner of the family, sudden death could leave their family in serious trouble. It may leave the family in dire straits, and might make it virtually impossible for them to make ends meet after the policyholder’s death. You need to buy a life insurance plan that protects your family and provides them with enough money in case of a sudden death. You should know that college education is not cheap, and your family might be left in serious financial trouble unless you have a life insurance policy.

Talk to an Independent Insurance Agent

The first thing that you need to do is to get in touch with an independent insurance agent. An independent insurance agent can provide you with relevant advice about the many different types of policies that are available today, and can help you select the one that best suits your requirements. The insurance agent will recommend the best insurance for expats in Singapore and will also help you navigate this extremely complicated field and select the policy that best suits your needs. There are plenty of different insurance policies that are available nowadays. Most insurance salesmen will try to convince you that their policy is the best. However, if you talk to an independent agent, they will be able to give you tailored advice about a policy that is ideal for you.

Types of Policies

You will also need to talk to an insurance agent in order to discuss the different types of policies. The insurance agent will inform you about permanent life insurance policies, level-term assurance policies, as well as decreasing-term assurance policies. With so many different life insurance policies currently being bandied about, it can be difficult for a person to find the one that best suits their needs. In addition, navigating through the plethora of different insurance policies can be a bit difficult for most people who have little-to-no knowledge about the different insurance plans.

Insurance salesmen will try to lure you into signing long-term insurance contracts. Rather than fall for their marketing gimmicks, it’s best if you talk to an independent insurance agent, take your time, and consider your options. It is important that you compare the premiums and other factors of different insurance policies before making a decision. Doing so will help you purchase an insurance policy that is ideal for your needs.


The Need For Special Health Care And Health Insurance Plans For Women

Women are participating and excelling in all walks of life now. They are our leaders, doctors, astronauts, CEOs of successful organizations, and so on. They have proven time and again that they are just as good at getting things done as men.

Yet in a country like ours, where women have faced oppression for years, their health is still being taken for granted. People are still reluctant to buy health insurance designed specifically for women. Generic health insurance plans cannot appropriately cover the specific needs of women. There are several ailments that do not even affect the male population. It is only fair that women should be provided with customized healthcare facilities.

What the general population does not know, is that women are more prone to life-threatening diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. Also, critical conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis are more likely to affect women. Let us not forget, women solely bare the pain and consequences of bringing new life into this world.

Keeping this in mind, several companies in India have launched some women specific health insurance plans, which cover the various illnesses that can be contracted. Some specific policies even cover the maternity and new born care expenses. It is a shame to say that necessary as these precautions may be; they are not that extensively purchased in this country of ours.

Health Insurance for women

Advantages And Offers

Certain policies which are present in our country provide coverage over the following situations:-

  • Free hospitalizations across India in a number of hospitals.
  • Daily hospital cash benefit.
  • Cosmetic surgeries for burn or accident victims.
  • Income tax benefits under sec 80D.
  • Post hospitalization care.
  • Coverage for critical illnesses such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and so on.
  • If diagnosed with a serious illness, a working woman will be compensated if she has lost her salary for more than three months in a row.
  • Congenital disabilities will entitle the woman to be compensated by up to 50% of the medical charges.
  • Additional benefits include free health helpline care, discounts of regular check-ups and wellness centres.

Family members need to recognize the need to purchase insurance separately for a woman. Even normal life functions such as giving birth and caring for children can put heavy stress on both her personal and professional life. Till now, a woman’s health care has been tied up with the husband’s insurance. But now women are no longer only housewives and supporters. More and more women are joining the work force every day and now contribute to about 25% of the total work population. Though they get the same corporate insurance benefits as men do, there is no harm in going the extra mile for women’s health and well-being.

While purchasing a women specific health insurance, either for yourself or for a female in your family, always proceed with caution and make sure that all women related diseases are covered and maternity benefits are provided. Single and divorced women also benefit from insurance plans as they might have to look after themselves in times of dire crisis.

6 Reasons Why MAPFRE Car Insurance Is The Best

The concept of insurance is not as new to us as itwas some 10 years back from now.You see people around you, getting almost anything and everything insured like Cars, homes, life, health.I’m sure a lot of us have questions as to why should we cut out a substantial amount of money fromour monthly wages to pay the premium to these insurance companies. The answer to this question lies in another question. Why do we strive to send our children to the best schools? Why do we make efforts to get the best medical help available? I believe every individual knows the answer to these questions. People are concerned about the future, securityand health of their children. Getting a good education in a well reputed school is a sure way to ensure your child’s bright future. So when you worry that much about the future of your child, why ignore the worry about the future of your car, your house and you.

Nowadays, we look around ourselves and see almost everyone getting almost everything insured. The question that arises here is which insurance company to turn to. In today’s busy life, we hardly have the time to cook a proper meal or get an 8 hour sleep. Suppose you have decided to take some time off your busy schedule to look for a prestigious and a promising insurance company. How do we decide which company to get insured for? It’s a gruesome task. Butfret not; we are here to share your burden and to solve your problem. We offer to educate you about the services of the MAPFRE insurance company.

Car Insurance

  • MAPFRE car insurance Philippines is arenowned corporation. They have a proper developed website for their online customers. If you face problems on the website regarding your account details, they have a letterposting system, or you can even call them at the provided number on their website. Or you can also visit their branch closest to your region. Such measures assure the validity of the company and shuts down any concern and fear of the company being a fraud.
  • If you are in an area where you cannot personally visit their branch, then all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.No matter what part of the world you are in, you can manage your account online.
  • It not only offers health, travel, home, pet, business insurance, but it also provides you with the best car insurance online.
  • They have a proper organized website. Which makes it easy for the clients to get their insurance while relaxing in the comfort of theirhouse?
  • In addition to providing you insurance, they also hire you as well.Candidates that are interested in working for theMAPFRE insurance company have an open opportunity to submit their CV’s online as well.

Their official website includes the authentic accounts of customers on different media platforms. You get in touch with them to inquire directly about your query and also read authentic public reviews and then finally draw a conclusion about the reputation of the company.